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Kumanofude select shop Ginza has traditional craft made calligraphy brushes, painting brushes, and makeup brushes. Especially about makeup brushes, we have more than 400 kinds of brushes with selected 6 manufactures: Kyuka Sangyo, Koyudo, Tanseido, Chikuhodo, Nakamuraseisakusho, Mizuho brush. And we also have our shop original made brushes.


充实的商品的凑齐,是A rich selection of items


All our brushes are selected with the upmost confidence from the top manufacturers of Kumano makeup brushes. Products sold in sets make wonderful gifts.

专业的顾问Expert Advisors


Our staff, with their extensive knowledge of Kumano brushes, are here to offer you professional advice on how to use and care for your makeup brushes.

世界承认的"meidoinkumano"The world-recognized"Made in Kumano"quality.



Sustaining Japan's biggest brush manufacturer is the handcrafted technology of the"Kumano Brush,"a traditional Japanese craftwork. Using this technology, each Kumano makeup brush is made with the upmost of care, by selecting the finest materials and fully exploiting the advantages of each type of hair. Their soft feel on the skin and extremely fine bristles have won great support from makeup artists all over the world.

毛笔形象这枝毛笔画理想。世界的化装艺术家喜欢使用的Kumanofude A brush that traces your dreams Kumano Brushes,loved by makeup artists across the globe.


"It feels just like I am using my own fingertips.""Try these brushes once,and you'll never want to be without."These brushes are the product of numerous prototypes,repeatedly adjusted and refined with the valuable input of makeup artists themselves,who helped to test user-friendliness for each different application. Makeup professionals all over the world speak very highly of Kumano brushes as they are soft and less abrasive to the skin and can"create"a look exactly as they imagine. A Kumano brush is the perfect vessel for bringing beauty to life. It is an indispensible tool for enabling makeup artists to exhibit their professional performance to 120%.

Japan. Tax-free Shop

To foreign tourists

You can enjoy tax-free shopping at our store.
・It is necessary to present your passport .(Not a copy)
・Please bring the tax-free goods out of Japan within 30 days of purchase.
・It is not exempt from tax if purchased for business and commerce.
・Tax free procedure is only at our store on the day of yourpurchase.